Arcam A19 FMJ Stereo Amplifer

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Arcam FMJ A19 collect's first 5 star review with "What HiFi" Some of the comments Big and open sound, dynamic authoritative and cohesive presences Plus they went on to say the Arcam A19 had plenty of details. Arcam FMJ A19 Stereo Amplifier. Arcam have launched an all-new stereo amplifier to replace the successful Arcam A18. The Arcam A19 Stereo amp has the same family looks as the rest of the Arcam FMJ products, but that's where it ends. This is also great news for anyone who already own another piece of FMJ the Arcam A19 will fit right in. The Arcam A19 has completely new inners and one of the new features is an ultra-low noise moving magnet (MM) phono stage. The Arcam A19 has been designed to deliver more information from record players like the Project Debut Carbon. Arcam have also scrutinised the headphone output stage to. This means that anyone wishing to connect the a good quality pair of headphones like the Grado SR-125i or something similar to the Arcam A19 can do so knowing that they will hear fantastic sound which will outperform other similar stereo amps. These small features alone are enough to set the Arcam A19 apart from the it's predecessor and as a British company who strive for perfection you would expect improve other areas as they have done with the FMJ A19. Using some of Arcam highest component available at this level the A19 is now a very close match to the A28 amps on audio performance levels on detail clarity, with a delightful sound stage which is in key with the British ear. A big reason for this is that within the Arcam A19 there are massive upgrades to its audio circuitry and the inclusion of an even more refined an ultra powerful toroidal transformer, plus Arcam A19 has a new state-of-the-art resonance damping chassis which limit's unwanted vibrations which improves upon audio sounds. All in all the Arcam A19 is a significant step up on it's replacement and we must congratulate Arcam on producing another fine stereo amplifier which still has the British ear at its heart.Arcam A19 RearArcam A19 Orginial ImageArcam A19 RemoteSpecification Page »