Arcam AVR750 AV Receiver

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The price £3,249.00 includes VAT & UK Mainland Delivery. Buying the Arcam AVR750 from Roy Jowett AV will save you £750.00 as we once sold the AVR750 for £3,999.00 Looking for a Packages or want to see if we can price match Arcam AVR750? Simply contact us on 01282 864048 Spend over £200 for classic Finance. Looking at Buy now play later, then spend over £500 and see if you qualify.

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Trade up to the Arcam AVR750. You can use this trade-in offer against any audio visual electronics to receive an allowance of 750.00 towards the Arcam AVR750 (trade-in price shown)

Arcam AVR750

The AVR750 is finally here and what a wait its been. With a brand new programmer sorting all the glitches of the past the AVR750 looks set to sky rocket Arcam back into the lime light of high quality, high performing home cinema, audio electronics.

As a glossy run over the spec, you can see that the AVR750 has 4K UHD, twin HDMI with ARC and 4K upscaling. With7 HDMI inputs plus a free iOS control app and the benefit of a full Class G Power Amplification, which pushes up to 200w of power. This shows that Arcam with the AVR750 are ready to fully embrace tomorrow's technology today.

Whats more, thanks to the new computer wiz kids at Arcam, the AVR750 has engineers who have worked their magic on the older av receivers bring them back up to speed. So, the old worries of the original av amps should finally be placed to bed.

Now lets get to the bit we all like. Opening the box of the Arcam AVR750 was always going to be a little exciting as this is Arcam's first high end amp in what seems like a decade even though it's only been about 4 years.

The first thing you notice over the last larger avr's is that the AVR750 is a little lighter than its predecessors and the modular input board system has gone in favour of a more traditions array solutions. You will also notice that Arcam have upgraded the speaker termination solution with brass plated binding posts over the traditional plastic ones of the past.

From the front, the AVR750 looks similar to the larger av amps of the past even though it has been dramatically reworked with a new slender front end thanks to the inclusion of the front vented styling ques. The buttons are identical to all the all the predecessors together with the twin inputs for aux and headphones.

Taking the Arcam AVR750 into our Demo room where the Anthem MRX700 has been living for a while, was an exciting prospect as we are big Arcam fans here at Roy Jowett AV with many of us owning Arcam at home.

Time to setup the AVR750 in our demo room. The discussions we had when setting up the Arcam 750 and what speakers to use, was endless. Would it be the Kef R500 5.1 or Tannoy Precision 6.2, 5.1 go all out and with the Monitor Audio GX300 AV15 speaker systems. In the end we thought we would dem all over the with the AVR750.

Whilst auditioning the AVR750 with a variety class leading 5.1 speaker systems over the course of a couple days, one thing that stood out above all else was its pace, ability and how it involves you in the movie. The shear ability of this av amp firmly places Arcam's flagship where it belongs.

The traditions crashes and bang of each and every movie we tried were delivered with a pace and dynamic drive that the AVR750 will certainly become more of an addition, than just another very good av receiver which you enjoy.

With music, the AVR750 is certainly at the top of its game and no other AV Receiver around can match the AVR750 seemingly effortless drive whatever music we tried. The accuracy thanks to the reworked clocking system within the dac, help this av receiver produce a rhythmic bit that hooks you straight away, begging you to play your entire CD collection for the first time, again.

The AVR750 is more than just another av receiver to as it is one a few av amp to include DAB and DAB+. This means you can also enjoy CD quality audio thanks to the reworked clock within the AVR750 being that musical delight that we have all come to love from an Arcam product.

Networking is also another feature ensuring you can fully integrate the AVR750 in any home automation system thanks to the Arcam 750 having RS232/IPControl. It also has an Ethernet port enabling you to access the DLNA services currently available together with uPnP audio services (Internet Radio). There is also a single USB port, which supports memory devices as well as compatible digital audio devices.

So, you can see that the Arcam AVR750 is quite a beast when it comes and is feature packed. Its also a monster with audio ability and is almost unrivalled on movie ability. Where it shines though is with ability to reproduce music in a way that only high end stereo amps seem to be able to, making the AVR750 for a movie lover who's main passion in life is to listen to high quality music.

Standard Features for the Arcam AVR750 AV Receiver.

Arcam's highest performing receiver to date
4K (UHD) video compatible including upscaling
7 HDMI inputs, 2 HDMI outputs, ARC compatible
Auto setup with room correction
Arcam's best ever "stereo" amplifier
Class G power amplification
On board PSU for rSeries accessories
Ethernet, RS232 and IR control
Free iOS control app
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