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Denon BDT-3313UD Blu-ray Player. Since the DVD-2500BT transport everyone thought that the natural successor was the BDP-2012, but the BDT-3313UD transport is quickly asserting itself as the rightful successor to the legendary Denon DVD-2500BT.

The BDT-3313UD blu-ray player is simply bringing Denon back to where they belong with their DVD players. Designed to work with either the AVR-4250 or the AVR-3313 you can stream music and movies sound tracks via Denon's brand new Denon Link HD.

As you would expect visually this Denon Blu-ray player is outstanding with class leading clarity shining through on the very best displays. Audio again is exceptional and whether you use the Denon Link HD or connect it to an alternative AV Receiver using a high grade HDMI cable, you will receive a level of audio quality, which will erupt your room with sounds.

Using only the very best internal components together with a weighted chassis helps the separation and creates that low distortion field that is always required on products trying to aspire to be something than just another run of the mill blu-ray player.

Of course, with the Denon BDP3313 transport you get everything that you would expect. With a downloadable application for many of todays smart phones, Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio formats playback together with high definition blu-ray playback plus the fact that the BDP-3313UD has sensational upscalling ability on older DVD formats make this one of the best universal players around.

Denon have also catered for people with older Denon and other AV Receivers by including twin HDMI outputs plus an excellent two channel output for dedicated two channel music.

You also get all the networking features like Netflix VOD and YouTube, the Denon BDT3313 can also connect to your NAS drive or PC and stream high fidelity music at the touch of a button through the BDT-3313UD with sensational results.

So if you are looking for a high fidelity blu-ray player with one of the best pedigrees around, then the Denon BDT-3313UD transport is a must be on your audition list.Roy Jowett Offers These Services »