Panasonic TX-L39B6B LED TV

Panasonic TX-L39B6B
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The price £389.90 includes VAT & UK Mainland Delivery. Buying the Panasonic TX-L39B6B from Roy Jowett AV will save you £59.10 as we once sold the TX-L39B6B for £449.00 Looking for a Packages or want to see if we can price match Panasonic TX-L39B6B? Simply contact us on 01282 864048 Spend over £200 for classic Finance. Looking at Buy now play later, then spend over £500 and see if you qualify.

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Panasonic TX-L39B6B LED TV. Panasonic's cheapest 39in LED TV has all the features that you could ever expect for 39in at this price point. With Panasonic's V-Audio and Panasonic's latest Black Light Scanning system. The TX-L39B6B also includes Panasonic's USB Media Player system enabling you to access AVCHD, DivXHD and JPEG files.

Another very nice option with the TX-L39B6B is that Panasonic have made this 39in LED TV available in two colours. These are Silver as illustrated and Panasonic's traditional Black.

If you already own a Panasonic Recorder or Player you'll be happy to know that the TX-L39B6B also includes Panasonic's VieraLink system via it's two HDMI inputs. The TX-L39B6B also uses Panasonic's Latest High Contrast Screen which refreshes at 50Hz.

Although it is not available yet, the Panasonic TX-L39B6B looks set to be Panasonic's most affordable 39in to date. So if your looking for a simple large screen LED TV then look toward the 39in B6B LED TV. The Panasonic TX-L39B6B is available around March 2013.Roy Jowett Offers These Services »