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Panasonic TX-L47WT65B
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Panasonic TX-L47WT65B LED TV: Panasonic's largest WT television is now available and taking the baton on from the older WT50 Series the TXL47WT65B is another awesome 47in LED TV. Using Panasonic's 6x Hexa-prossecing engine together with the 3600Hz back light scanning system ensures the TX-L47WT65B will not be beaten on LED performance. Design is key to this 47in LED TV as the TX-L47WT65B has ultra slim bezel and the near floating visual plinth makes this LED TV stand out from the crowd and shows how far Panasonic have come with designing desirable LED TV's which everyone want to aspire to own. With that in mind you also know that the TX-L47WT65B also has Panasonic's fantastic reputation as one of the most reliable flat screen TV's and courteously of Panasonic you are being offered a free 5 year warranty when you purchase in store. So together you can have desirability together with reliability all wrapped into the TX-L47WT65B.

The Panasonic TX-L47WT65B is also following the same energy efficiencies. Just like Panasonic Plasma TV's, but thanks to the super low energy required to run LED TV's this 47in TV has an astonishing A+ energy rating meaning the TX-L47WT65B is one of the greenest 47in TV's around. Of course the TX-L47WT65B still includes all of Panasonic's amazing features with Home Screen, 3D, Web browsing plus our favourite swipe and share technology. The TX-L47WT65B audio's has been taken from the flagship ZT65 meaning 2.1 VR-Audio Pro Surround Sound engine produces stunning audio from a panels, which has such a tiny depth, it should not be possible for it to create such a sound.

Just like the darker Plasma TV's the flagship Panasonic TX-L47WT65B uses Panasonic's Infinite Contrast engine to create the deepest black currently available on any of Panasonic's LED TV and when you see the TX-L47WT65B produce images of this quality you will be amazed that LED can really replicate this level of black detail.

As for motion the TX-L47WT65B take full advantage of Panasonic's latest Hexa-Processing Engine which uses 6 processing engines to recreates stunning images with none Full HD content. Add a full 1080p signal the TX-L47WT65B and watch this amazing 47in LED TV come alive with no other LED TV even getting close.

With the Panasonic TX-L47WT65B being packed to the brim with technology you can take full control of this flagship 47in LED TV via your iPad, iPhone or even Android Tablet and use it just like your home computer. Connecting the TX-L47WT65B to the Internet couldn't be easier as the TX-L47WT65B takes full advantage of the latest WPS Push Button System. This means you can simply push the WPS button on your router when installing your shiny new Panasonic TX-L47WT65B LED TV and wait for the magic to happen. After about 20 second you will be able to access a massive away of apps via Panasonics all new Home Screen.

Panasonic Home Screen is quite amazing and thanks to the outstanding sharpness of the TX-L47WT65B looks very attractive for a menu system. Here you will find an array of catch up TV services plus other things like acetrax, lovefilm plus YouTube Videos. Panasonic's Home Screen also brings Internet video communication system like Skype to your TV and because the TX-L47WT65B also has a built in Video Camera you don't even need to worry about where to place your external camera. Another feature to built in camera is that it uses video recognition, which can detect you entering into the room and it will switch itself to your favourite home screen options if you desire.

Just Like Panasonic's other range topper the TX-L47WT65B include Panasonic Touch Pad which also uses voice interaction letting you control the TX-L47WT65B in ways you though were just science fiction. The term "Beam Me up Scotty" come to mind.

If you already own an iPad or iPhone. We would also suggest downloading the Remote App 2.0 to your phone. In doing this you can take control of the Panasonic TX-L47WT65B in ways that no remote control could ever do. It will also give you access to one of our favourite features on the TX-L47WT65B as it allows you to share video and photos from your phone or pad directly to the TX-L47WT65B.

Another fantastic feature on the Panasonic TX-L47WT65B is that this 47in TV has twin tuners which allows you to take full advantage of freesatHD and or FREEVIEWHD to maximise your TV coverage.

So. If you are looking for a brand new 47in Telly then look no further than the Panasonic TX-L47WT65B and no other 47in LED gets anywhere close thanks to everything that Panasonic has put in place on the TXL47WT65BVideo Page »