Your Vacation, Breakdown Cover to the Rescue

Breakdown Cover can be your hero. No matter where you might be, with the right breakdown insurance cover, you can be assured of assistance, a running vehicle, and the ability to arrive at events on time.

Imagine Your Vacation

Let’s imagine a scenario. You’ve been planning your vacay for months. You lovingly planned each stop, every sight you wanted to see, the places you wanted to shop, and more. You’ve arranged for your car to be ported to the beginning of your journey, or you’ve rented or even purchased a vehicle for the trip. You are pumped! Ready to go! There are concerts, museums, sporting events and conferences on your itinerary. And let’s not forget the sunny beaches, delicious food, and amazing drinks.

Share Your Itinerary

You just happen to mention to your insurance agent that you are going to be motoring through Europe. He or she perks up right away, and mentions that you probably need to check your insurance to make sure that it will be good everywhere that you have planned.

Your Agent is really on top of things. He points out the places where you will need a slightly different policy to be compliance, gives you a list of things to keep in your car (because it is illegal in some places to be without them) and even helps you re-route around some areas that have bad roads or that have become trouble spots.

Traveling with Confidence  

Your trip is going great. You’ve seen several shops, you’ve been to the beach, you’ve even taken in that concert and the sporting event that was high on your list. You are just starting the return leg of the journey when the unthinkable happens. You are on a bad stretch of road. In spite of your careful driving, you hit a deep pothole, the steering wheel twists in your hands, your car gives a lurch, there is a hissing sound and your on-board digital advisor announces, “You have a flat tire,” and begins giving directions for how to change it.

Help On the Way

Your cell phone rings, and a man says in accented English, “Your vehicle has sent an emergency message to my location. May I be of assistance?”

Relieved, you explain your problem. The man hastens to you, winches your vehicle out of the pothole. Only, to your dismay, your troubles are not done. The wheel is hanging at an odd angle that has nothing to do with a flat.

Disaster Strikes!

Your visa is about to run out, and you need to be at work on Monday. Your vehicle is towed to a repair facility. You reluctantly say goodbye to it, and take a bus the rest of the way to the airport. You fly home, but it is with heavy heart. You really loved your time in that little car, and you had hoped to keep it. But the rules are clear. You must go home, and the car is in no shape to travel.

All’s Well that Ends Well

On Wednesday, you receive a call from your local agent. Your car has been repaired. You can choose to sell it or it can be shipped to you. The expense is built into your travel coverage.

What a relief! You won’t have a massive storage bill for the car, or and extreme shipping cost. You won’t have to negotiate for a new visa in order to go pick it up. Your agent explains that it is their “recovery” program, and it was part of the cover for the area in which you were traveling. Relieved, you make ready to go pick up your car after work.

Dramatization Disclaimer

The above was a dramatization. The story and the events are imaginary. But they illustrate the kind of protection that breakdown cover insurance can afford.

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