5 Tips for Fixing Your Credit Now

Fix Your Credit Score Now

Fixing your credit is not a simple task. Like anything in life, credit restoration takes some work and most of the easy ways out are more trouble than they are worth. These simple tips will help you begin on your path to making your credit score soar and helping you get that new home loan or refinance.

There are companies out there that promise debt consolidation and credit restoration but the horror stories about of how people have lost any hope of recovery by being scammed by such offers. I’m not saying that these debt fixing companies are all scam artists, just make sure you do your research before going to one.

  • Pay Your Bills on Time – Whenever possible you should be paying your current bills on time. Shaving expenses and saving money around the house can free up a lot of money to be used on back bills and current expenses. There are a plethora of websites available with tips on how to save money on your bills, school supplies, or entertainment. Getting a budget in place that allows you to keep your current bills caught up is essential to improving your credit score.
  • Pay Down Your Balances The Right Way – Paying down your credit balances is often a good way to improve your credit. The trick to doing this in the most effective way is by paying down all of your credit balances to under 40% of the available balance. So, if you have a $1000 line of credit with your bank, you don’t need to get it completely paid off right away, your starting goal should be to get it paid down to under $400. Do this with each of your credit cards and lines of credit before you stress out over getting them completely paid off. Along with this is the fact that you should also pay off the high interest debts first so you are putting more toward balances each month and less toward higher interest rates.
  • Contact Collection Agencies – Don’t dodge those collection calls. If you are truly interested in improving your credit score, these are the people that can do it for you. Don’t contact them all at once, as this will cause an influx of credit inquiries but most of these agencies are just interested in closing accounts. If they can get any money from you they will usually work with you. You can often end up paying 20%-40% of what you owe by just working with them. Many online agencies offer this service for a hefty fee, but it’s a simple as working with your creditors rationally.
  • Communicate Effectively with the Credit Bureau – Sometimes when you want your credit score to improve you need to be proactive about it. Contact the credit bureau directly, and always in writing. Inform them of specifically what should be updated on your credit report, when certain debts get repaid, and specifically that your credit score be raised because of this. Save these communications as oftentimes the credit bureau will misplace or skip over something on your report.
  • Don’t Dispute Debts that are Accurate – If you owe a debt, don’t dispute it. Some people recommend disputing every debt so that you have a chance of getting it overturned, often however the only thing this accomplishes is getting the collector hounding you regarding your account. Since the creditor has all of your new information they will begin attempting to contact you again. This will often delay them from reporting for 30 days which only delays your credit score increases.

When you are trying to improve your credit score there is a right and wrong way to go about things. Put a little elbow grease into it and do your research before simply trusting someone to all of your credit information and assuming they will fix everything for you. Improving your credit score is not an easy task, but it does not need to be impossible for the average person. Fix your credit today.